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Wedding Cake Seeds

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High THC 25-29% 
60% Indica hybrid 
High yielding & easy to grow
Giddiness & joyfulness

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Breeder – Garden of Green

Wedding Cake Cannabis 

The Wedding Cake strain of marijuana is widely among the most powerful available varieties. With an Indica-dominant profile, it consistently registers higher than 20% on THC testing and is very close to reaching 30%.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the strain of a thrill seeker. Those just starting out could discover its degree of power is too high and overwhelming. This does not mean that one should completely abstain from marijuana that has a predominant Indica effect. Instead, it is essential to remember to exercise moderation at all times.

After all of the things have been said, bells ringing signal the beginning of Wedding Cake. It usually takes very little time for it to start working, and once it does, it floods the mind with a surge of exhilaration. After a period of time, it becomes embedded in the limbs and begins to knead them in the manner of a masseuse. The comedown may put you to sleep, but it depends on how much you take.

Growing Wedding Cake Seeds

The growth characteristics of Wedding Cake is more reminiscent of an indica strain. Growers can grow it in various conditions thanks to its short and robust nature. In addition, when it is time to harvest the plant, it produces strong buds that have a nearly solid appearance. If one were to hold it in the palms of their hand, they would feel that it had some heft to it. In terms of the colors it creates, it most frequently manifests a shade of forest green that becomes darker when it takes on a purple undertone.

There is very little to no variance in terms of feeding, nutrients, and the standard procedures for cultivating plants. Growers with more experience may use more sophisticated cultivation methods, such as the SOG. By planting at least 4 seeds in one square meter and then encouraging the plant to develop a single bloom as it grows, this technique makes use of the robust nature of Wedding Cake and makes the most of limited growing space. It reduces the amount of time spent in the vegetative growth stage without affecting yields.

Because it contains a significant amount of THC, Wedding Cake delivers a potent high. The afterglow is also quite relaxing, allowing you to feel relaxed throughout your entire body and assuring that your experience will be free of stress. If you think that anything like this is something that you would enjoy, then you should look into the Wedding Cake seeds that we have available in the Irish seed bank.

Wedding Cake Weed Taste & Smell

The sweetness of Wedding Cake may be smelled even before you take a bite. It has a strong aroma of vanilla, with undertones that are reminiscent of earth and pepper, which contribute to the overall fragrance.

After eating it, you’ll notice that it has a peppery spiciness to it in a more subdued way. However, it is short-lived because a more earthy undertone immediately takes over after it. The smoke’s vanilla aromas can be brought out by moving it about in the mouth in a circular motion. It has a pleasant aftertaste as you let it out of your mouth.

Wedding Cake Marijuana Effects 

The ecstatic mental high from smoking Wedding Cake is followed by a mental cleansing when it wears off. Additionally, it elevates one’s disposition, putting users in a joyful state as it whisks away their concerns and issues.

The withdrawal symptoms are soothing overall. Gentle pressure is applied all over the body, beginning at the temples and working its way down to the extremities. Kneading releases tension from each muscle and loosens the tight muscles around the limbs. Users can operate like a well-oiled machine, resulting in increased productivity when performing tasks.

It is essential to remember that every flower has 25% THC & might contain even more than that. Users may experience an excessive head high that causes them to become incapacitated if they take more than their tolerance allows. As a result, the consumption of Wedding Cake as a strain calls for moderation at all times.

THC Levels

Very High THC (25-35%)


Expert seeds


1 seed, 3 + 3 FREE, 5 + 5 FREE, 10 + 10 FREE, 15 + 15 FREE, 25 + 25 FREE, 50 + 50 FREE, 100 + 100 FREE, 200 + 200 FREE


Flowering Time


30-35 %



Yield indoor

450-550 g/m²

Yield outdoor

500-800 g/m²

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    Wedding Cake
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    Nice seed.
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    excellent speed , nice touch
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    quality genetics and well worth the buy.speedy delivery thumbs up
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