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About Sweet Seeds

Do you have a sweet tooth? Can’t get enough of candy-like terpenes? Well, we’ve got just what you’ve been looking for — Sweet Seeds. Sweet Seeds is a Spanish seedbank that dedicates itself to unique cannabis hybrids that unleash tidal waves of mouth-watering terpenes. Furthermore, Sweet Seeds has since branched out to offer even more types of seeds, such as CBD-specific, American genetics, autoflowering types, and much more.

If you want to turn your cannabis garden into a fireworks display, take a look at Sweet Seeds’ Purple Flower Strains, such as Dark Devil Auto, Black Cream Auto, Bloody Skunk Auto, Green Poison Auto, and Red Pure Auto.Ready to pucker your lips after every hit? Look no further than Sweet Gelato Auto, Honey Peach Auto, and + Speed Auto.However, Sweet Seeds isn’t only focused on terpene retention.

Sweet Seeds goes above and beyond to ensure each strain is packed with 20-25% THC and yield potential of 350-500-grams per meter squared.Don’t waste another minute — Sweet Seeds has your back when you’re ready to pump out gorgeous buds in neck-breaking time.