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Amnesia Haze Seeds

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High THC 21-24% 
60% Sativa hybrid 
High yielding & easy to grow
Strong psychedelic high 

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Breeder – Expert Seed Bank

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain

Amnesia Haze is a cross between a classic, long-flowering, psychoactive Sativa and a dense, mountain-grown Indica. Expertly combining two landraces & a hybrid, this strain produces a THC powerhouse with an effect that even seasoned cannabis connoisseurs can’t deny.

When Amnesia Haze is adequately cured, its flower clusters are so dense that they are almost impossible to touch. The solid buds are so crystallized that they reflect and dazzle light like they have been delicately glazed with an unusual toffee flavored with cardamom, lime, marjoram, and mandarin. Because of its exceptional trichome production, Amnesia Haze is highly sought after for hash and other concentrates. After being heated and pressed at a force of 20 tons, the honey-colored resin contains 22% THC and has both an impressive sight and an intoxicating aroma.

Growing Amnesia Haze Seeds

The Sativa dominance in their genetic makeup makes them natural at enjoying the great outdoors during the warmer months. Because of the potential in its tropical Sativa genetics, Amnesia Haze grows best in warmer climates closer to the equator. Those in southern Spain, northern Australia, northern California, or north Africa should expect fantastic outcomes.

It can take anywhere from twelve to fourteen weeks for a plant to fully mature after being started from seed, but the rewards are enormous: tall, slender spears topped with thick clusters of flowers. An Amnesia Haze plant grown in nutrient-rich, totally organic soil supplemented with seasonal organic amendments and given consistent watering will produce a harvest of fragrant buds.

Due to the abundance of new growth, pests will have plenty of hiding places. Heavy flower clusters might snap branches, so cage or stake them tightly.  If you’re a seasoned indoor grower and know all about the quirks of Sativa-dominant plants, you’ll have no issue cultivating Amnesia Haze at all. Growing Amnesia Haze for the first time might be difficult, but the resinous harvest is well worth the effort.

When grown indoors, the Amnesia Haze plant has strong Sativa traits and tends to stretch significantly, even when placed on a 12/12 lighting schedule from the cloning cabinet. Amnesia Haze, like many Sativas, appreciates a healthy diet but is easily tipped into the hazardous zone if given too much of the wrong food. It is best to calculate nutritional amounts on the conservative side.

When springtime flowers are in bloom, timing is of the essence. The long blooms may take up to 12 weeks to develop their delicate leaves. You can give some particular traits in twenty years! Under 600W of lighting, you can anticipate plants that mature slowly but yield 600g/m2 because of their gratifying density and superb crystallization.

Amnesia Haze Weed Taste & Smell

Different Amnesia Haze phenotypes may have varying degrees of hallucinogenic strength and hazy white trichome coverage. This strain’s distinctive flavor and aroma are matched only by the considerable size of its buds. The blossoms have an instant citrus flavor tempered by a bit of earthiness. The flowers smell like wood, notably cedar.

When the buds are broken apart, they release a subtle spicy aroma that may be recognizable to those familiar with other varieties in the Haze line. Even with all that flavor, smoking is surprisingly easy on the lungs. The taste is characteristically spicy and citrusy upon inhalation and exhalation, like other Haze strains. The odor of smoke from this strain can be strong and linger.

Amnesia Haze Marijuana Effects 

It’s hard to put a number on the impact, but it’s significant. User expectation plays an important role. This potent cannabis strain could cause the first green out for a cannabis newbie. Indulging too much is simply due to how delicious and satisfying it is.

Experienced users of Sativa will enjoy this strain for its almost hallucinogenic effects, stimulating creativity and allowing for intense focus. Outdoors it thrives the best because of sunny days & fresh air. A pleasant way to spend an afternoon is to kick back on the couch with some tunes and companions and enjoy the mental mind trip. Or, if you dare, you can dab and dream deep.

Sometimes it’s fantastical, taking up to fifteen minutes to fully exert its neuromagnetic. It’s easy to light up and wonder about all the fuss. The next second, you wake up feeling like an amnesiac and have no idea how you ended up—laughing nervously and shaking your head in bewilderment because your brain is as porous as a sieve. Amnesia Haze’s medicinal potential comes from the uplifting citrus flavor bliss it produces despite its modest CBD content. The term “psychoactive smiling effect” refers to the use of humor as a treatment for mental health issues like depression, PTSD, and pain-related anxiety.

THC Levels

Very High THC (25-35%)


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Flowering Time


30-35 %



Yield indoor

450-550 g/m²

Yield outdoor

500-800 g/m²

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    Once again irish seed bank didnt let me down great service even better product's all seeds poping up through the soil its a fine sight to see and the ...More
    Once again irish seed bank didnt let me down great service even better product's all seeds poping up through the soil its a fine sight to see and the harvest makes it all worth while
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    A+ service
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    Awesome. Added deals to me order I didnt even know about. Brilliant service. Thank you.
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