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About Purple City Genetics

Purple City Genetics, also known as PCG, is a high-end breeding company based in the heart of the American cannabis cultivation scene — Oakland, California. With access to some of the most exotic strains in the world, Purple City Genetics produces nothing but fire. If you’ve been on the hunt for the most trichome-dense flowers that pack a face-melting punch — PCG seeds are it. Regardless of which strain you choose, you’ll likely find phenotypes that express extreme resin coverage, bountiful yields, and flavors that’ll make you blush.

It’s difficult to find cannabis strains this good; however, we’ve done the leg work to bring PCG seeds to you at an affordable price. Discover new and exciting genetics, such as Dosidos x Watermelon Zkittlez, GMO x Strawnanna, Gelato x Purple Punch, Saltwater OG Auto, and many more. With THC levels pushing 30% and yields topping out at over 500-grams per meter square — what’s not to love? Each of PCG’s battle tested genetics are loaded with loud aromas that’ll make your head spin.

If you’re cultivating these beauties indoors — make sure you invest in a heavy duty carbon filter. Ultimately, Purple City Genetics’ seeds are meant for beginners and professionals that seek the highest-quality flowers imaginable. If you’re ready to walk down the unbeaten path — look no further than Purple City Genetics today.