Feminized Cannabis Seeds and How to Grow Them [The Complete Guide]

The Complete Guide to Feminized Cannabis Seeds and How to Grow Them

Growing marijuana is about having resinous flowers, dense trichomes, and high concentrations of cannabinoids. Only female flowers have these beautiful features. If you have a grow room full of sinsemilla (un-pollinated) female cannabis plants, you will end up with lots of high-quality, THC-rich buds.

how to feminize seeds

How to Grow Feminised Seeds

Growing feminized seeds is a relatively new way of growing cannabis plants. It is a process where the male chromosomes are removed from the cannabis plant, and the female chromosomes are left intact. This makes the plants grow into flowers that produce only female cannabis flowers, which means that they will not produce any male pollen or seeds.

feminized cannabis seeds

This article will provide you with all of the information you need to know about growing feminized seeds. We’ll cover everything from how to grow them all the way to what kind of benefits they have for growers and consumers alike.

The Benefits of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The benefits of feminized cannabis seeds are that they are easier to grow, produce more yield, and have a higher THC content.

Feminized seeds allow you to use your growing space more efficiently, which has revolutionized indoor growing ever since. Regular seeds enter a sexing period. During this period, growers will decide if they want to use the female or male plants. Most growers prefer to produce flowers over seeds, and feminized seeds are the best for the job, while males are the best for producing seeds.

how to grow feminised seeds

Working with regular seeds, you might be hesitant to train the plant too much in case it turns out to be a male and not the type of plant you are looking for. Feminized seeds allow you to apply all kinds of plant training to increase the overall canopy and yield without any fear of wasting time and money.

Colloidal Silver – Technique 1

The first is the “colloidal silver technique,” which is self-explanatory. A solution of silver nanoparticles has been prepared by distilling water. Due to their intrinsic properties, colloidal particles do not agglomerate and are therefore resistant to typical filtering procedures. You may buy colloidal silver online, or if you’re feeling nerdy and patient, you can try making your own. You may learn more by checking out the tutorial at the end of the article. As a mineral, colloidal silver has therapeutic and preventative potential. Its natural antimicrobial and antiseptic properties have made it a go-to remedy for many health problems for millennia.

how to make Colloidal Silver

The first step is selecting initial plant that fits your criteria. It is a common practice to feminized clones as the characteristics such as the mother clone’s growth, resin, and flowering are already established. You don’t have to wait for vegetation to grow if the clone has well-rooted itself. Simply plant the clone in a pot and leave it for a few days to recovery. A pollen-producing plant only needs to be small, as cannabis produces plenty of pollen.

Tip: Once you select your plant, consider making two clones, one for pollination and one for feminization. Using this tip you create a individual breeding space and prevent accidental planting of wrong plants or accidental sneezing pollinating the entire grow room.

Plants can develop male genitals within 4 weeks of flowering. It is recommended that one week before the change of light, you spray the plants. Using a plant that was grown from a seed, you have to wait until it has developed signs of sex before spraying to make sure it is female.

For two weeks, spray the plants with colloidal silver three times a day to induce feminization. You should give them a good soaking with the spray. After two weeks, you can let the plants develop normally. In certain cases, it has been claimed that 5–10 days of spraying is all that is required to detect a difference.

What is The Role of PGRs in Plants

Males will start to form pollen sacs, whereas females will develop calyces and pistils as sex determination begins. Male plants reach maturity before females do, and pollination can commence once the plant has sexed (which takes around three to four weeks). The onset of sexual growth is often used as a proxy for confident growers’ successful application of the spray. As only one spore per hair is required to form a seed, and millions of pollen spores can be released by a burst pod, keeping these plants safe from flowering females is essential.

Rodelization – Technique 2

Cannabis in its sinsemilla form is an artificial creation. An unpollinated female in the wild is extremely unlikely unless she is infertile. The sinsemilla plant can detect if it hasn’t been pollinated if it fails to reach full maturity by the time it was supposed to. Therefore, they will make male pollen sacs as a last-ditch effort to reproduce.

how to feminize cannabis seeds

The fact that these are authentic XX chromosomal female bananas rather than males explains this. Seeds with solely female genetic material can be produced with rodelized pollen if all the female plant’s genetic information is present and there is no Y chromosome. Even with the colloidal silver method, the male may sometimes look the same.

Catching Pollen and Pollination

There are a variety of harvesting methods used to collect pollen.

is it possible to feminize cannabis seeds

  • Cover your planter with a flat plastic or cardboard sheet to collect pollen as it falls. If you modify a plastic cup and place it over the plant, you can collect the pollen that falls to the ground.
  • Wrap the plant in a clear plastic bag, cutting off the top for ventilation.
  • When harvesting flowers, a skilled cultivator will delicately extract each pod before it bursts, allowing the plant to hold onto every spore.
  • Pollinating a female is the simple part. Depending on how many seeds you plan to produce, you can choose from a variety of approaches.
  • Use a cotton bud or delicate brush to apply pollen to the flower. The trichomes on the pistils will insatiably stick to everything you provide them. Dust while sniffing pollen.
  • To effectively pollinate a large area of plants, simply place a bag of pollen over an entire branch or plant. Gently shake and let sit for 24 hours.
  • If you want to experiment with genetics and modify your plants, pollinate separate branches with various pollens. Up to fifteen different hybrid species can coexist in a single breeder plant.
  • The plant from which the male elements were derived can also be self-pollinated. Because fewer female flowers are created, and many are rendered nonviable due to the feminization process, seed yield will be lower than if two independent plants were pollinated.

Growing Feminized Cannabis

growing feminized cannabis

To successfully cultivate feminized seeds, you must adapt the standard procedures for producing seeds. Foster their development from seedling to flowering plants. You can learn a lot about what plants will thrive in your grow room just by looking at them. Keeping a plant’s flowering or vegetative space apart from its regular growing space ensures that the plants can keep producing without interruption.
Homozygosity is a characteristic of feminized plants. There are two potential outcomes, both of which can be evaluated only after the seeds have germinated. Homozygosity amplifies the expression of a parent’s dominant or recessive feature in an offspring, allowing you to pass on desirable traits while eliminating undesirable ones selectively. Such is the wonder of genetics.

growing feminized seeds

As with the heterozygous process, which is crossing between male and female plants, several plants will need to be grown. You need to select the best mother plants and future breeding from these plants. To find the best phenotype, you must produce as many plants as possible.

How to Make Colloidal Silver

If you want to avoid the hassle and probable financial loss associated with raising male offspring, a colloidal silver generator is the most straightforward and cost-effective solution. Making your own is simple and does not require any special skills.

how to make colloidal silver 1

An electric current is run from a silver electrode into a container of distilled water to create colloidal silver. The entire process can be reduced to this direct electrolysis. Since distilled water has no minerals to transmit electricity, only a small amount is needed to ionize the silver and form microscopic silver particles. This may sound technical, but in practice, it is not.

Ingredients for Colloidal Silver

  • A 9-12 V power source (or battery). You can use higher voltages, but only if you know what you’re doing and take precautions to avoid electrocution.
  • Electricity conductors. Each value is represented by a length of one unit, positive or negative.
  • Pure, filtered, and distilled water. You can get this at any grocery store. There are too many contaminants in tap water to use it.
  • At least 99% pure silver. Investing in silver coins is an excellent option because they are practical and affordable. You can get them at coin shops, mints, and online marketplaces like eBay. Although the effects of the other metals in these alloys are unknown, the silver wire is effective, and there have been reports that silver solder is also effective. The safest option is to get silver from a reputable supplier.
  • Small clips to hold the silver. Crocodile or alligator clips are the best for the job.
  • A ppm meter.

how to make feminized cannabis seeds

Combining Ingredients

  • Set the adaptor for 9 to 12 volts.
  • Using wire cutters or snips, sever the connections at both ends of the wires.
  • To guarantee a steady current flow, firmly attach the alligator clips to one end of each wire. The best method is soldering.
  • Connect the wires to the battery or the positive (red) and negative (black) terminals, respectively, of the unplugged adapter.
  • Load each clip with a silver coin. It’s best if you keep them apart. Place the distilled water in a glass jar or glass beaker until it is about 3/4 full. It’s more than enough water for two plants if you only use half of the 500ml.
  • Each silver alligator clip must be fastened to the glass from the opposite sides.
  • A battery is activated when its electrodes are placed in a water solution. To get started with the adapter, you must plug it in and turn it on.
  • As 20 minutes pass, the electrodes can be removed. Test your solution with a ppm meter. The goal is 15 ppm or greater. The blend should become light gold color.
  • After finishing, the black silver oxide must be cleaned off the silver electrode and the solution must be placed into storage.
  • Colloidal silver should be kept in an amber-colored bottle and kept in a cool, dry environment. Light and heat affect it. Don’t put it in the fridge because it’s too cold in there.

colloidal silver how to

Feminized Cannabis Seeds and How to Grow Them (FAQ):

Will feminized plants produce feminized seeds?

According to the correct scientific definitions, cannabis-feminized seeds grow into cannabis-feminized plants, not female plants. However, you may still hear “female seeds” used occasionally. It’s not hard to see why these two terms are often used interchangeably; after all, their offspring should all develop and bloom like female plants.

What are the cons of feminized seeds?

If you want to harvest seeds, you shouldn’t use feminized seeds because they prevent the development of male plants. If you want to harvest seeds, you should use regular seeds instead.

How long is the seedling stage for feminized seeds?

From one to three weeks.

How do you grow indoor feminized seeds?

To get the most out of your indoor harvest from feminized seeds, giving them enough light throughout bloom is essential. Some growers will use higher light levels to get the most out of a 1.2 by 1.2-meter tent, but a 600W HPS is sufficient for most.

Which is better Autoflower or feminized?

Growing cannabis indoors is best accomplished with autoflowering seeds, whereas growing it outside is more successfully accomplished with feminized seeds. Feminized seeds, compared to autoflowering seeds, typically produce larger and taller plants.

Are feminized seeds guaranteed to be female?

Even though feminized seeds are designed to produce exclusively female plants, there is no way to ensure this outcome, regardless of whether you buy gendered seeds or try to manufacture your own. Even when grown from feminized seeds, there is still a small chance that the resulting plant will be male.

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