How To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Thailand [The Complete Legalisation Guide]

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If you’re a pot smoker, you know that the greatest way to enjoy your high is lounging on a sunny, white-sand beach while eating some of the most wonderful food you’ve ever tasted. Well Thailand has it all and even more!

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Thailand

The “Land of Smiles” is a common nick name for Thailand. Its rich cultural history and high-quality purebred cannabis strains are two major factors in this. Thai authorities have only recently begun to see the lucrative possibilities of the cannabis industry, so now is the country’s opportunity to shine.
If you live in Thailand and want to cultivate cannabis, read on to find out the rules related the purchase and production of marijuana seeds in your country, as well as helpful cultivation advice and the best-performing strains for 2022.

Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Thailand in 2022?

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It is common knowledge that Thailand is one of the few places in the world where cannabis can be grown year-round and yield the highest quality buds. However, because cannabis cultivation in Thailand was highly prohibited, the country has been taken off the list. Thankfully, as the world evolves, so do its legal systems, and Thailand is no exception. The Thai government has recently legalized cannabis, and this article will summarize the current legal status of marijuana seeds in Thailand.

  • Medical cannabis is fully legalized.
  • Buying cannabis seeds from an online seed bank in Thailand is tentatively legal.
  • Growing cannabis seeds and/or plants at home is tentatively legal.
  • Cannabis is tentatively decriminalized in Thailand.

It may appear that it is perfectly legal to cultivate cannabis seeds in Thailand, but there are a few nuances that growers should be aware of so keep reading this article to find out everything about growing marijuana in Thailand.

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Growing Marijuana Seeds in Thailand

It could be difficult for weed seeds to sprout in a tropical paradise. There are a lot of issues that arise when growing marijuana in conditions of excessive humidity. Thailand has tropical climate. This results in a yearly average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius, making it an attractive destination all year round. Successfully harvesting marijuana from seed requires doing it at the right time of year. Outdoor germination of cannabis seeds in Thailand is best accomplished in the cooler months of November to December. Seasonally, that’s when the weather is nice and the soil is nutrient-rich.
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Because they are outside of the monsoon season, November through February are sometimes referred to as the “dry months”. The other problem is cold nights.  Especially in hilly areas like Chiang Mai, where it is most noticeable. If you want to get the most out of your cannabis yield, you should probably harvest it before the beginning of the rainy or monsoon season, which often occurs around the middle of May. Seeds can be germinated in an indoor environment at any time of the year, though the optimal conditions vary according to the strain of cannabis being cultivated.

Things to Consider when Growing Marijuana in Thailand!

Several things can go wrong when growing cannabis seeds, including theft, harsh weather, and other challenges. The following are some of the difficulties that may arise when cultivating marijuana in Thailand.

  • Thieves
  • Diseases and pests
  • Harsh weather
  • Legality

Keep reading to find out more about these.

Thieves in Thailand

Even though robberies are uncommon in Thailand, they can happen anywhere. Therefore, it is imperative that you take measures to safeguard your marijuana grow. You may safeguard your crop in a number of ways. For successful marijuana cultivation inside, a solid and completely functional security system is essential. The use of motion-activated alarms and surveillance cameras in security systems allows for the rapid and accurate identification of robbers and other intruders.

marijuana in Thailand
You’ll need motion-sensor floodlights and high fences if you want to cultivate outdoors. Cameras placed in visible outdoor areas can also serve as an additional layer of defense.

Diseases and Pests in Thailand

The monsoon season is a time when there are more pests and diseases. You need to be prepared for this increase and secure your harvests whether you grow indoors or outside. A two-pronged insect pest management technique is here to help. First things first: obtaining cannabis seeds that are resistant to common pests and diseases. With the season rapidly approaching, this will be a fantastic resource for helping you sidestep major challenges.  Secondly, you should buy natural fungicides and insecticides before flowering begins. Your plants will benefit from this and be better able to withstand attacks from pests and diseases. Both of these methods have been tried and tested, and they consistently produce vast quantities of the freshest, most flavorful buds money can buy.

growing weed in thailand

Thailand’s Harsh Weather

While many of us may imagine year-round warm weather in Thailand, this is not the reality. From May to October, Thailand has rainy season, so you’ll need to make preparations to keep your grow dry and safe. Consider buying certain tolerant cannabis strains to help you through the stormy season. If you do this, you will have a better chance of getting a larger crop in adverse conditions. To better survive Thailand’s humid heat and occasional rains, choose seed varieties resistant to mold and heat.

Legality of cannabis

cannabis legalization in Thailand

Cannabis and hemp have been removed from the Category 5 narcotics list in Thailand, meaning they are now legal for medical and industrial use. Even though cannabis has been decriminalized in Thailand, the move was made for medical, health, and economic reasons alone. Because of this, the Thai government has instituted cannabis use restrictions so that the country doesn’t end up like Amsterdam. The cannabis sector now has guidelines.
PGRs in Weed
Since you need to be a Thai resident to legally cultivate and sell cannabis products, you probably won’t be able to get into the business if you’re only visiting the country for a short period, and those who have moved there recently should hold off once they become a legal resident before growing. The Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA) released the user-friendly PlookGanja app in early June, which you can get if you become a legal resident in the country. Registration of cannabis and hemp plant growing, along with company tracking and convenience features, are all made possible through this app and website.
Thai cafes and restaurants provide edibles and infused beverages. Food and drink infused with cannabis can be served in these businesses, but only if the THC content is extremely low. Cannabis has both medicinal and recreational value. However, it is prohibited by law to smoke a joint in a public location. Getting caught with cannabis in public in Thailand can result in a fine of up to $700 and up to three months in jail.
How Do you Add Flavor to a Blunt

How to Grow Cannabis in Thailand?

Your best bet is a good seed bank that sells high-quality strains and ships to Thailand. Here’s some good news: we’re among the top seed banks in the world. As a company, we take great pride in providing the most advanced genetics available. We have experience with a wide range of clientele, and we’ve honed our skills over 15 years. Our exceptional genetics and a large assortment of 650-plus strains make us the ultimate distributor of high-quality cannabis seeds.
feminized cannabis seeds
The next best piece of advice is to pick cannabis seeds that are well suited to the environment of your area. Because of the extreme humidity in Thailand, it’s essential to select disease- and rot-resistant seed varieties. Therefore, it is imperative to have access to Sativa strains when cultivating outside. Preparation is essential, which brings us to our next useful piece of advice. You should always have a long-term plan for your growth. Establish your cultivation area, double-check your work, and spend your time making plans for the future to ensure a bountiful and flavorful harvest.

Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow in Thailand

Here are some of the best strains we’ve found for cultivating cannabis in Thailand in 2022 if you want a large yield, rich buds, and a stress-free grow.

Incredibly exciting, Amnesia Haze will leave you stunned. High concentrations of THC (above 25%) allow for yields of up to 1500 grams per plant. Amnesia Haze’s strong Sativa content and lengthy flowering time make it a great choice for the humid conditions found in Thailand’s tropics.

amnesia haze

  • Bruce Banner 
Thai cannabis growers also get good results with the Bruce Banner strain. There is little doubt that this kind is among the very best available. As a result of its rich, savory taste of gasoline and its delightful fruity fragrance made it famous. As a result of its rich, delicious flavor of gasoline and its delightful fruity aroma made it famous.
TCH levels in this strain can approach 30%, making it popular among smokers of all kinds for its stimulatory effects. The 60-day flowering time is well worth the 500 grams of rich, delicious buds you’ll get in return. It will be one of the best strains to grow in Thailand marijuana in 2022.
Bruce Banner
  • Dos-Si-Dos

The breeders of the Do-Si-Dos strain set out to make a potent, flavorful, and all-around enjoyable cannabis plant. It has useful applications for both recreational and medical users. This plant can yield a THC concentration of up to 30%, which is above average. Furthermore, it is highly mold-resistant and easy to grow, making it a great strain for growing in Thailand.

dos si dos

Next up is our champion strain, Expert Gorilla Glue, which was developed by crossing Chocolate Diesel with Sour Dubb and Chem Sis to create the ultimate version of Gorilla Glue #4. Like Gorilla Glue but stronger.
In a natural setting, our monster can produce 700 grams of dense, trichome-covered buds per plant. With a THC level of 25%, this beast will send you into a psychedelic trance and take you somewhere otherworldly.
Expert Gorilla Glue is completely mold-proof, can resist any illness, and can keep away pests. This strain will be essential for any Thai cannabis growers in 2022.
Expert Gorilla glue
  • White Gold
Finally, today’s final recommendation is White Gold. This variety is a hidden gem. White Gold is a miracle crop in Thailand because it can withstand the humid atmosphere while thriving because of its resistance to mold.
The world-class breeders at Expert Seeds bred C99 with Skunk and White Widow to develop White Gold, a strain of breathtaking beauty. Nothing could make it better; it’s flawless.
White Gold has a high output of 1,000 grams per plant and is a Sativa-dominant strain. With a THC content that may exceed 25%, White Gold leaves consumers with a memorable high that keeps them coming back for more. Moreover, it’s easy to produce, making it a top choice for growers of all stripes.
white gold

Can I buy cannabis seeds in Thailand?

If you are concerned about the legality of cannabis seeds in Thailand, you no longer need to be; as of recently, they have been decriminalized. As a result of the decriminalization measure, it is no longer against the law to possess any portion of the cannabis plant.

Can you legally grow cannabis in Thailand?

Cannabis and hemp were legalized in Thailand on the 9th of June (a Thursday) and can now be utilized for medicinal purposes and commercial plants. People in Thailand can plant marijuana for personal use, and corporations can cultivate the herb on a vast scale to manufacture foods, cosmetics, and other novel items.

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