How To Add Flavor to Your Cannabis Plant Before, During, And After Harvest


Adding flavor to your cannabis can jazz up your smoking experience. You will add flavor to your cannabis by infusing it with any flavors of your choice. When you buy flavored cannabis from the seller, you can barely taste the flavor they’re adding to it. That’s why infusing cannabis yourself is the best way to flavor your cannabis.

How To Add Flavor to Your Cannabis Plant Before During And After Harvest

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about flavoring your weed before, during, and after harvest. This guide will help you get the best flavors possible from your cannabis harvest.

Flavoring Weed Before Harvest

The first thing you need to do if you want to flavor your cannabis before harvest is to stop watering your cannabis plants four days before your harvest date. Be careful to ensure that your plans don’t dry out entirely and die before your harvest. It would be best if you did not go any longer than four days without water before the harvest date, or you could risk your plants dying before you get the chance to enjoy your product.

Combine 15 milliliters of food-grade extracts or essential oils on harvest day with 20 liters of water. Water your cannabis plants with this diluted product slowly to prevent any runoff. Let your cannabis plant sit with the solution for three to four hours, depending on how strong you want your flavor. Once the time is up, you’re free to harvest your weed.

Flavoring Weed Before Harvest

After harvesting your weed, you will need to let it dry out. Because you just watered it before you harvest it, there will be more moisture than normal. Allow your weed to dry individually and ensure enough air during the drying process, or you could get mold. Allowing your buds to dry together could ruin your product and waste all the time you spent growing your weed.

Flavoring Marijuana During harvesting

Combine 15 milliliters of food-grade extracts or essential oils with 20 liters of water. Place your freshly cut cannabis branch in this water for A week. This method will only work to flavor your cannabis if the leaves of this plant are still alive. The leaves will allow the flavored water to be carried up to your cannabis buds and flavor them.

After the week, you can remove your cannabis branch from the water and dry out your bud individually. If you dry your buds out incorrectly, you risk getting lulled on your weed which will ruin your product.

Flavoring Marijuana During harvesting

If you notice your bud is more moist than normal after harvesting when using this flavoring method, you should not be alarmed. Because you sucked the branch and the water solution for a week, it is normal for your marijuana to hold more water than it would during a normal harvest. However, this scenario means you’ll have to be more cautious when you dry out your bud and ensure it’s thoroughly dried before putting it in a container with other buds.

The key to drying out your marijuana properly after this method is ensuring that it has plenty of air and is not congested with other materials.

Flavoring Cannabis After Harvesting

Even after you’ve harvested, dried, and jarred your marijuana, You can flavor it. While many growers prefer to flavor their cannabis before they jar it, this is not vital. Flavoring cannabis before harvest works great for ensuring you have the most potent flavor possible.

However, some people prefer the milder flavor you get when adding flavoring to your cannabis after harvest. This subtle flavoring allows you to enjoy the flavor of your weed and the flavors you added to it.

Flavoring Cannabis After Harvesting

To flavor your marijuana after harvesting, you need to put your flowers in the jar, soak a cotton ball with food-grade extract or essential oil, attach the cotton ball to the lid of the jar, and prevent the essential oil from touching your cannabis directly.

Alternatively, you can add dry items like dried-out flower petals, apples, and peels to your cannabis jar to flavor it. You can also add dried-out herbs to the jar along with dried fruit. Many people prefer this flavoring method after harvest for their cannabis because it reduces the risk of adding moisture to their cannabis.

The best way to add spices to your weed after harvest is to put them in a tea bag to keep them separated from your marijuana.

The best way to add spices to your weed after harvest is to put them in a tea bag

Important To Remember

When using flavoring on your weed, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. If you incorrectly add your flavor or the wrong flavor to your cannabis, you can ruin your product and make it unpleasant to consume. Consider the following things before adding flavoring to your weed.

  • Different strains and cannabis plants will absorb the flavorings you add at differing frequencies.
  • Experimenting with single plants is the best way to determine which flavor combinations you enjoy and experiment with how long you should flavor your cannabis. However, it would be best not to flavor your entire batch until you’re sure you like what you’re doing.
  • You’re going to find food-grade extracts at your local grocery store. Finding them at your local grocery store is a great way to save money on extracts that are safe for your marijuana. You do not need to use marijuana-specific extracts; you must ensure that your extracts are food safe.
  • Be cautious about which essential oils you add to your marijuana. Some essential oils are toxic when consumed or include toxic ingredients. Double-check the ingredients in essential oils and ensure you’re not using an essential oil that’s toxic for human consumption. An example of an unsafe essential oil would be tea tree oil.
  • Stay away from flavoring that has a high level of sugar. It’s important to remember that you’re going to be burning your weed, and sugar does not smell or taste good when it burns. So using flavorings high in sugar can ruin your marijuana-consuming experience.
  • If you’re flavoring your cannabis after harvest, ensure that the lid on your jar is tight. At the latest to loose, it can allow too much air to get inside your jar, making your weed stale so that it doesn’t get infused with the flavor you added.
  • Monitor the humidity level inside your jar to ensure that you don’t get mold on your weed.
  • Make sure you dry out your cannabis flowers thoroughly before you jar them.
  • Remember that you’re not going to get rid of the flavor of your cannabis completely. The purpose of flavor in cannabis is to enhance its taste, and you will still taste the marijuana even when it’s flavored.

All the tips discussed above will help you get the best flavor out of your cannabis. However, overlooking any of the things above could ruin your product. In addition, weed is fragile, so it’s important to take great care of it throughout the entire process.

how to flavor cannabis


Can you Add Flavor to Cannabis?

You can add flavor to your cannabis before, during, and after you harvest it. Even if you get your cannabis from a different location, you can flavor it by putting it in a jar with dry fruits, peels, or spices. You can also flavor your cannabis after you buy it by using food-grade extracts on a cotton ball and attaching it to the lid of the Mason jar where you keep your cannabis.

However, when you flavor your cannabis, you must ensure that you’re keeping it dry. Too much moisture in your jar will cause mold and ruin your weed. You can also flavor cannabis before you harvest it by adding extracts or essential oils to the water.

Flavoring your weed before harvest will give you a stronger flavor, and flavoring your weed after harvest will give you a milder flavor.

How Do you Add Flavor to a Blunt?

How Do you Add Flavor to a Blunt

There are many ways that you can add flavoring to your blunt when you roll it. The most popular way to flavor your blunt is to add dry fruit and spices to your blunt. You must ensure that whatever you add to your blank is completely dry before you add it, or you will ruin your weed and be unable to light it properly.

You can add dry citrus peels, herbs, and spices to your blood to make it taste better. However, it is important to remember that you’re not going to disguise the taste of your weed completely. You should pick flavors that will enhance your weed’s flavor and not worry about trying to cover it up. If you choose flavors that you expect to mask the taste of your weed completely, you might give yourself a horrible flavor combination.

How Do I Make My Buds Sweeter?

Adding sugar- or molasses-based supplements to the water before you harvest is a great way to sweeten your buds. Carbohydrate-based supplements also serve this purpose but may be difficult to find. To make your buds sweeter, you will want to worry about flavoring them before your harvest. It isn’t easy to sweeten buds after you harvest them.

How Do I Make My Buds Sweeter

Adding sugar-based flavorings after harvest can ruin marijuana because sugar doesn’t burn well. Burning sugar will cause an unpleasant flavor and aroma during your weed smoking experience. However, when you add sugar-based supplements to your water before harvest, you’re not burning sugar.

Adding sugar-based supplements to your marijuana before you harvest is an easy way to make your marijuana sweeter. You can still flavor your marijuana without sweetening it after harvest, but you can’t make it sweeter after harvest without ruining its flavor.

How do you Increase Your Terpenes?

There are several ways that you can increase the terpenes in your marijuana. Terpenes are a huge part of the cannabis from this tree and have risen in popularity as more states have legalized marijuana. Let exposure, the quality of your cannabis soil, and your harvesting process play major factors in the terpene levels in your marijuana.

Growing your cannabis in soil instead of water is a great way to increase your terpene profile in your marijuana. This reasoning is because soil has more complex nutrients available than water, making it significantly more suitable for terpene development.

If you grow your marijuana inside, you must ensure that you have a full spectrum of light to increase your terpenes. having girl likes, I don’t reach the full light spectrum can cause your terpene development to be minimal

Another great way to increase the terpenes in your weed is to flush your cannabis plants before you harvest them. Unfortunately, Flushing means you stop giving your plants nutrients two weeks before harvesting. This treatment is because nutrients build up and can contaminate the flavors of your weed.

What are the Best Nutrients for Flavor?

What are the Best Nutrients for Flavor

Organic nutrients are the best for improving the flavor of your cannabis. For example, you can use organic molasses-based supplements when you grow your weed to sweeten up your buds before you harvest them. Otherwise, it’s just important to ensure that you’re feeding your plants the correct amount of nutrients to make them thrive.

It’s important to remember that too much of a single nutrient can cause your plants to lock out other nutrients that they need.

What are the Best Bud Sweeteners?

The best bud sweetener you can get is sugar-based or carbohydrate-based supplements that you can add to your weed before you harvest it. Looking for organic bud sweeteners is the best way to go because organic bud sweeteners don’t have the harsh chemicals that can ruin the flavor of your marijuana.

Can I Flush My Weed with Fruit Juice?

You should never flush your marijuana with fruit juice because it will be too harsh and too acidic for your weed. In addition, Flushing with fruit juice can ruin the overall quality of your harvest. This situation means you’ve wasted the time you spent growing marijuana by ruining your product.

If you want to experiment with flushing your plant with a fruit juice, you should do it on a single plant before doing it to the whole batch. However, there are many great ways to flavor your marijuana without fruit juice, and those methods would be much better.

How To Add Flavor to Your Cannabis Plant Before (FAQ):

How do I make my buds sweeter?

It’s a common belief that sweeteners and sugary supplements might enhance one’s sense of smell and taste. Blackstrap molasses is an affordable alternative to sugar-based bloom enhancers, which may be quite pricey. This can be given to plants in the final weeks before harvesting to help them grow larger and improve their aroma and flavor.

How do you add flavor to a blunt?

Dried apple peels, orange peels, floral petals, and spices like lavender, cinnamon, and cardamom can all be added to your blunt to add more flavor and tasty smell to it.

How do I make my buds tastier?

There is no comparison between organic and synthetic nutrition. When soil bacteria are fed with organic nutrients, it fuels the plant. This improves the flavor of the buds while also being excellent for nature. To encourage the development of a pleasant aroma, some growers add black molasses to the soil.

Does molasses make buds bigger?

The sugars in the molasses will encourage flowering in the plant. Just like humans, plants have daily nutritional needs, including salts, minerals, and carbohydrates. Feeding your plants molasses, which can be compared to the refined sugars in junk food, can cause the buds to swell.



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