Blaze Glass’ ‘Medusa’ Recycler Glass Bong

Blaze Glass’ ‘Medusa’ Recycler Glass Bong

The ‘Medusa’ is a multi-recycle bubbler of the extra class from ‘Blaze Glass’. Like the snakes on the mythological head of the Medusa, the recycler tubes wind around the robust pipe made of the best borosilicate glass. These not only provide an interesting look with a deceptive effect, but above all also a strong recycle effect.
Due to the backflow of the water into the water chamber it is enriched again and again with fresh oxygen, pollutants are filtered out and settle down at the pipe wall. This promises a purer, smoother and more aromatic taste!

The handmade glass bubbler has a wall thickness of 5mm and a broad base which makes its standing very stable. The coloring of the base and the ergonomic mouthpiece in a dazzling emerald green makes the ‘Medusa’ attractive, too.
The bowl for dry herbs has an extra large intake hole. The silver ‘Blaze Glass’ logo and the name ‘Medusa’are very discreetly placed on the base.

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