Bong-Clean No.1

Bong-Clean No.1

Bong Clean is a special cleaning product for your bong, shisha or vaporizer. You can also use it to clean other smoking paraphernalia, such as your grinder or weed-pipe. It is an effective cleaner for removing (smoke) deposits, such as thc, tar and nicotine.


Suitable for all materials
Alcohol and solvent free
Is non-toxic and pH neutral
100% Organic
No Propellants
Bong Clean is suitable for all materials, such as plastic, metal, wood and glass. The Bong Cleaner 500ml has no nozzle to spray the product. The small bottle Bong Cleaner 100ml has a nozzle to spray the product.

Cleaning your smoking paraphernalia is important to maintain the good taste of your smoking products and it will also extend the life of your bong, vaporizer or weed pipe.

Spray “Bong Clean” undiluted onto the object to be cleaned. Leave it to act for some time before removing the dirt and rinse the object with water. Let it dry and your bong or vaporizer is ready to be used again.

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