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Kosher Cake Auto Seeds

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Kosher Cake Auto is a truly vigorous strain that would not be afraid of showing its full potential and due to the strong resin production and unique flavors, an excellent strain for extractors and commercial growers who are looking for distinct flavors.

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Breeder – FastBuds

Kosher Cake Auto Cannabis Strain

Due to its high resin production and distinctive flavors, Kosher Cake Auto is a great strain for extractors and commercial producers. Expect large, compact buds that have a pale green tint with golden undertones and long, dark-orange hairs.
Because it contains 25% THC, Kosher Cake Auto has a powerful indica impact that will relax your muscles, while the sativa will give you a pleasant head high that will make you feel like you’re flying in the clouds. A robust cannabis variety that doesn’t hold back from showing its true strength. This machine yields cannabis that is ideal for extractors and commercial producers thanks to its high resin content and distinctive flavors.

Growing Kosher Cake Auto Seeds

In terms of complexity, the Kosher Cake Auto is a breeze to cultivate. Do your best to “feed” her so that she can produce healthy, rich flowers. We suggest LST methods for increasing harvests by increasing the depth to which light can enter. This also enables more air to reach the bud sites. It’s crucial to keep pests and mold away from your buds even while Kosher Cake Auto is tough. Due to their Indica ancestry, the buds get quite crowded throughout the flowering stage, which means the branches need to be supported.

There is little to no difficulty in cultivating this strain because of the high indica content. This, combined with the fact that she needs only 9 weeks to flower from seed to harvest, makes her a hardy breed that is also appropriate for novice growers. Kosher Cake Auto has a compact, rigid bloom due to the indica dominance that provides the plant a bushy appearance. These are also found in great abundance on the offshoots. The primary bud, which can grow as thick as an arm, will, of course, produce the most fruit.
It reaches a height of 80 to 120 centimeters when grown inside, and it blooms profusely with fragrant blossoms. You can get indoors harvests of as much as 550 g/m2. At the end of the blooming cycle, the flowers and the leaves are totally covered in resin and emit green and yellow glow.
Outdoors in Central Europe, you can reliably gather two harvests. We estimate that it might grow to be between 140 and 150 centimeters tall in this area. Each plant should expect to produce anything up to 160 grams of juicy buds. At the end of flowering, plants need at least six hours of direct sunlight to produce their highest yields.

Kosher Cake Auto Weed Flavor and Taste

The large-sized nugs develop thickly, presenting little calyxes covered in a thick layer of resin that makes them sparkle magnificently and gives them that sticky look we all adore. As soon as you crack open the buds, the pungent aroma will fill your nose. Experienced growers will recognize the familiar scent as a kush-like aroma, but this strain’s distinct terpene profile means it has a completely different history.
This strain is more suitable for nighttime use or for individuals suffering from insomnia or chronic pain; because to its Indica side, the head buzz converts into a more sedative effect, and it will give you the munchies and may get you badly couch-locked, sending you to sleep if smoked too much.
Pack Size




THC Levels

Very High THC (25-35%)




Flowering Time

Plant Type


25-29 %

Yield Indoors

400-550 g/m²

Yield Outdoors

50-350 g/m²

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