Deelite Auto Seeds

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How about a strong strain that completely obliterates your tension and induces a state of blissful nirvana? It’s possible that the auto-flowering Deelite weed is the one you’ve been seeking for. Their legendary potency originates from the fact that they are among the purest Indica on the market.

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Breeder – Garden of Green

Nova Og Cannabis Strain

Following two years of effort, we are proud to offer Nova OG fem seeds to our customers. Nova OG has been shown to have levels of THC of over 32%, making it one of the most potent strains ever. We began with a superior Canadian seed stock and developed it through a series of crosses, backcrosses, and stabilization. Nova OG, which has a higher proportion of Indica genes, produces large, thick buds. When the buds of Nova OG are torn apart, a coffee scent with a touch of lemon is released. You may detect a hint of pepper in the fruity and sweet aroma. It is essential to utilize Nova OG with caution because of its powerful mental and physical effects. It causes a stimulating, purposeful, and uplifting mental high followed by a calming bodily down.

Canadian breeders created the Indica-dominant strain Nova, genetically identical to the infamous Pennywise variety. This synergistic blend of cannabinoids may be more effective in treating patients with various symptoms and diseases. Nova is a hybrid resulting from a mix of Jack the Ripper x Harlequin strains with contrasting effects on the user. The aroma of the exhaled air is a mix of fruitiness, sweetness, and woodsy spiciness from the pepper.

Growing Nova Og Seeds

While Nova OG does well in a greenhouse, it yields even more impressive results when grown outside. Scroggins-adapted plants are very hungry for nutrients. After that, indoor crops typically yield between 500 and 550 grams g/m2, and outdoor plants yield around 650 grams per plant. It might be challenging to get data on Nova OG because it is not a widely used strain. This is due to the fact that medical marijuana pharmacies are the most likely to stock this strain. On the other hand, taking into consideration that Nova OG is an Indica plant, which typically has a shorter flowering period, most professionals agree that this strain is ready for harvest in around 49 to 56 days.

Nova Og Weed Flavor and Effect

Nova OG has a terrific taste, with a savory undertone rather than a sweet one. It has the same taste as the parent strains, Harlequin and Jack Ripper. A flower vaporizer is the best method to appreciate its flavor, as the vapor produced by the device is always noticeably more potent than smoke. To emphasize, this is especially true if you start by crushing the plant. No plant material is being burned, which is the cause of this. If you want a more tasty vaporization session, try lowering the vaporizer’s temperature. You may adjust the heat until you find the sweet spot that balances taste and intensity just right.

People who have used medicinal marijuana have said it helped them with conditions like tremors, PTSD, arthritis, spasms, and severe pain. Nova OG seeds are mostly Indica, with only a 20 percent Sativa content. Due to its hybrid status, Nova OG has some advantages over Sativa strains, but only a small portion. It’s a fantastic medical marijuana strain that helps with a wide range of issues. Expect to feel quite at ease after smoking the earthy and pungent Nova OG strain. Midday smoking is acceptable since it does not entirely depress or incapacitate the user. The Nova OG seeds strain is often regarded as a potent weed strain, which is to say that it is a very high-quality cannabis variety.


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Expert seeds

THC Levels

Very High THC (25-35%)


Flowering Time


30-35 %



Yield indoor

450-550 g/m²

Yield outdoor

500-800 g/m²


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