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Cultivating a strain from Cafe Racer fem seeds is worthwhile if you want a stimulating, no-nonsense hybrid. They grow to be average-sized plants, but their trichome-coated leaves and buds make them look much larger. These feminized seeds are great for novice growers because they don’t need a lot of care.

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Breeder – Garden of Green

Cafe Racer Cannabis Strain

Cultivating a strain from Cafe Racer fem seeds is worthwhile if you want a stimulating, no-nonsense hybrid. They grow to be average-sized plants, but their trichome-coated leaves and buds make them look much more significant. These feminized seeds are great for novice growers because they don’t need much care. At full development, plants give forth enticing scents like lemon and dirt. Similar flavors are noticeable—smokers plant Cafe Racer strain for medical and recreational purposes. Positive emotions and a surge of strength that endures for hours are the results. The combination of its potent cannabidiol (THC) content and many terpenes makes it popular among smokers of varying experiences.

These cannabis seeds were harvested from a very elite lineage. Cookies and Granddaddy Purple are two forerunners that stand out in any case, there is a specific thing why the Cafe Racer strain is so well-known. The typical THC percentage of the buds these plants produce is 25%. The 0.3% CBD concentration is credited with additional medicinal advantages. Beautiful shades of green, purple, and orange may be seen in the buds. You can see the resin trickling off of the trichomes on their surface. This cultivar’s fragrances, tastes, and outcomes contribute to its attractiveness.

Growing Cafe Racer Seeds

Before planting any seeds, the recommended degree of competence for growing a particular strain of marijuana seeds should be determined. Indoor and outdoor gardeners of all skill levels will find success with feminized Cafe Racer seeds. This is a hardy cultivar that resists mold growth. These marijuana seeds will develop into medium-sized plants in either soil or hydroponics. If this is your first time gardening, a soil garden may be easier to maintain and more convenient. 

Similarly, a passive hydro choice might help newbies get started. Outside, feminized Cafe Racer seeds do best in a warm-to-hot environment. Whether that is warm, sunny, and not too humid is perfect. You may either grow them in containers or directly in the ground. Each feasible option comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you have to store things in containers, go for the largest size possible. Plants in portable containers allow for easier control over their size and placement. You may quickly move them somewhere else when the weather gets bad. As a bonus, it makes dealing with threats like pest infestation easier. When planted in soil, Cafe Racer feminized seeds produce robust plants. By going this route, you accept the risk of experiencing severe weather. To get the best results, utilize rich, loamy soil. Some alternatives have been connected to potentially negative impacts on root development. The vegetative stage of plant growth is an ideal time to feed your plants with moderate amounts of high-quality nutrients.

Having a lot of control over your harvest while growing inside is possible, but doing so takes more time and work. Keep the temperature at a cozy high and ensure plenty of air circulation. To prevent mold growth, it is essential to routinely prune your plants, eliminating any dead or damaged branches. Lighting is also necessary. In the right conditions, the Cafe Racer strain may produce substantial harvests. They achieved phenomenal success by employing the ScrOG methodology. If you want to put this into practice, you’ll need to construct grids where your crops may grow. Once the horizontal limbs are where they need to be, they may be adjusted and tied into the grid. The flowers will bloom in around 10-12 weeks, and you’ll get your crop around late September in Northern Hemisphere. Expect 400–500 grams per plant when grown outdoors and 350–450 g/m2 when growing inside.

Cafe Racer Weed Flavor and Effect

Marijuana grown from feminized Cafe Racer seeds has a pleasant aroma. As harvest season draws near, the air becomes filled with the sweet scent of citrus flowers and freshly mown grass. When crushing the buds, they release more intense fir trees, dirt, and grapes aromas. If you inhale deeply, you’ll immediately pick up on the tart lemon flavor. The mood is created by a fruit fusion that includes hints of orange and citrus. You’ll notice the grapes’ subtle sweetness and nutty undertones when you take your final drag. The piney aftertaste of smoke will tickle your tongue as you exhale. After eating it, your mouth will feel like it’s been coated in a sticky, sugary fruit cocktail. The lingering taste of tobacco after you’ve quit is unpleasant.

The buds grown from Cafe Racer are pretty strong. It needs a while to start working, but once it does, you’re in for a wild trip! Three or four puffs are all it takes to feel the effect. A little heat around the temples is the first sign. As the light pleasure takes hold, you stop worrying about anything. Both your vitality and your disposition have improved noticeably. Feelings of peace and liberation permeate your entire body. Because it provides energy, this cultivar is perfect for a morning wake-and-bake. It’s also helpful in warding off the post-lunch slump that might hit certain folks. After the effects of a drug wear off, many people report a sudden influx of creativity and a renewed sense of motivation to get things done. Positive emotions are the ideal companion for socializing, appreciating art, and enjoying a night on the town.


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THC Levels

Very High THC (25-35%)


Expert seeds


Flowering Time


30-35 %



Yield indoor

450-550 g/m²

Yield outdoor

500-800 g/m²


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