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Blue Dream Auto Seeds

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High THC 17-20% 
60% Sativa hybrid
High yielding & easy to grow
Conversation & socializing effect

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Breeder – Garden of Green

Blue Dream Auto Cannabis 

Blue Dream Autoflowering is a hybrid strain that combines the legendary US head stash favorite Blue Dream with the hardy ruderalis genetics. After germination, this short and vigorous Sativa specimen should be able to be harvested in about ten to eleven weeks. Expect a deliciously sweet and fruity flavor and a head rush that will make you happy. Blue Dream Auto also can capture you with its stunning blue and purple color scheme.

Blue Dream Autoflowering is a strain that will benefit cabinet growers searching for a high-quality head stash that is both small and has a shorter life cycle. Even though summers are brief, those who cultivate plants on balconies can still harvest 1-1.2 meters tall and bushy plants. Even though this auto hybrid does not have the same potency as the original strain, it is flavorful enough to entice experts in the field and easy enough to cultivate for novice growers.

Growing Blue Dream Auto Seeds

Blue Dream Ao Sativa-dominant auto-flowering strain is straightforward to cultivate and produces massive yields. The rapid growth and high yields of huge-sized buds with floral & fruity sweet, citrus, pines, orange, and berry terpenes have given this strain the excellent reputation it so richly deserves. BDA will be ready to be harvested between 9 and 11 weeks, yielding THC-rich blooms that have scored at 22% THC. Blue Dream Auto has a THC content of 22% in its blooms. A high-productivity auto-flowering hybrid that has the potential o provide harvests of 450–600 gr/m2, making her an excellent choice for commercial gardeners. When Blue Dream’matic is ready to be harvested, she will burst at the seams with glistening, resin-coated colas that protrude from every conceivable location on the plant.

This hybrid is perfect for commercial farmers looking for high-yielding automatics that are also highly powerful because of the big yields she produces. She will also generate a significant quantity of leaf of the highest possible quality, providing extractors more time to prepare the trimming nets in advance. An exceptionally intense and pungent strain is ideal for novice users interested in experimenting with a Sativa-dominant hybrid.

It has a long and bulky appearance, but it is surprisingly light. The expansion of the calyx leads to the formation of pointed buds covered in trichomes. When viewed up close, the blooms are covered in a kaleidoscope of colors, including greenish, purple, & thick golden hairs, & they are tightly packed together. Delightful aroma, and it makes your mouth water just thinking about it.

Because she is 75% Sativa hybrid, she will have a rapid growth rate and produce many side branches. Her foliage will be long and thin, and she can become a dense plant in no time. Her growth will be rapid. When flowering begins, the plant’s height can reach 110 centimeters, and its branches will develop the characteristically thin growth of Sativa strains.

Blue Dream Auto Weed Taste & Smell

A flavor that is both fruity and floral, and it has undertones of juicy cherry, citrus, lemon, and pine, along with fruity tart mixed in. This flavor is quite delicious. Terpenes that are silky and tropical in nature will keep the palate guessing after each and every puff. It is a wonderfully delightful variety that anyone would love, making it perfect for sharing with others.

Blue Dream Auto Marijuana Effects 

Her effects are potent, cheery, and energizing, and this can be attributed to her staggeringly high THC content of 22%. The physical effects are mild, but they provide a great complement to the intellectual effects when taken together. A magnificent flower with which to begin the day, which may also be enjoyed socially with friends, on extended walks in nature, on sunny days at the beach, by musicians and artists, and for the purpose of strengthening one’s own inner creativity.

THC Levels

Very High THC (25-35%)


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Flowering Time


30-35 %



Yield indoor

450-550 g/m²

Yield outdoor

500-800 g/m²

7 reviews for Blue Dream Auto Seeds

  1. Ratanon
    September 11, 2022
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    September 5, 2022
    Fast shipping no problems, will definitely use again
    0 0
    June 28, 2022
    Fast shipping, seed easy to germinate. 1 day seeding
    0 0
    September 12, 2021
    0 0
    Rafal Majczak
    September 12, 2021
    0 0
    June 27, 2021
    Very pleased with your service and delighted with the bonus seeds
    0 0
    June 18, 2021
    This was my 2nd time getting Blue Dream, really happy with it! Not very high maintenance to grow, it did have a longer cycle time than stated by a few...More
    This was my 2nd time getting Blue Dream, really happy with it! Not very high maintenance to grow, it did have a longer cycle time than stated by a few weeks. But turned out really well!
    1 0

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