Dr Hypno CBD Auto


High CBD 10-20% 
55% Indica Dominant
High Yielding & Fast to Grow
Blissfulness & Pleasure

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Dr Hypno CBD Auto Strain Overview

At Hypno Seeds, we understand that some individuals require fast access to their medication. To accommodate these needs, we have developed a super quick autoflowering version of our beloved Dr. Hypno CBD. Home growers can now harvest medicinal yields in as little as 8 weeks from seed to harvest. With the strain’s specific autoflowering genetics, Dr. Hypno CBD Auto boasts a potent 20% CBD and as little as 0.4% THC, making it even more therapeutic than its photoperiodic lineage. The plant is incredibly easy to cultivate, requiring no special effort, and its quick turnaround ensures a steady supply of the sensational buds these autoflowering CBD seeds produce.

Growing Dr Hypno CBD Auto Seeds

Dr. Hypno CBD Auto is a compact cannabis strain that makes it an excellent choice for growers who value discretion. It can be easily cultivated in any environment, from an indoor grow tent to an outdoor garden or even a city balcony, without sacrificing quality or potency. This balanced hybrid inherits the best qualities of its predecessor and maintains its high resistance to stress and disease during its rapid growth cycle. For optimal yield and bud development, we recommend utilizing LST techniques, which can increase yield up to 150 grams per plant. Our autoflowering strains benefit from ample lighting, and we recommend providing Dr. Hypno CBD Auto with as much light as possible. With its fast development and versatility, it’s a perfect choice for those living in Nordic countries with short summers who want to grow their own natural medicine.

Dr Hypno CBD Auto Flavour and Aromas

Imagine strolling through an orchard of oranges and honeycombs, enveloped by the scent of fresh woods. Now, envision a fast-growing autoflowering cannabis plant that brings this experience to life. Grinding and rolling it into a spliff is akin to aromatherapy, as its delectable aroma wafts through the air. Once lit, get ready to indulge your senses as the scent and effects of this cannabis strain tantalize all five senses.

Dr Hypno CBD Auto Effects

Experience a sense of bliss, pleasure, mental clarity, and relief from pain all at once with this versatile product. Avoid the need for traditional medicine and instead, roll it into a spliff, pack it into a bowl, or create oils and tinctures to provide relief whenever your body and mind require it. Meditate and relax as you slowly inhale and exhale, allowing the product’s medicinal properties to soothe you.


5 Seeds



Hypno Seeds

Flowering Time


10-20 %



Yield indoor

350-500 g/m2

Yield outdoor

100-150 g/m2


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