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Blueberry Cookies Auto Seeds

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High THC 17-20% 
60% Indica hybrid
High yielding & easy to grow
Cerebral & emotional euphoria

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Breeder – Garden of Green

Blueberry Cookies Auto Cannabis Strain 

Blueberry is a variety that has been well-liked for a very long, making it a member of the cult category. This potent Indica strain produces a unique euphoric high and an aromatic and flavorful bud that will make your mouth water. It has continued to be one of the most popular strains available on the market, and in the year 2000, it was recognized as a strain with the highest quality Indica at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Without a shred of doubt, this is still among the most sought-after strains in existence today. In the late 1970s, a mixture of unusual landrace strains was used to develop the cannabis variety known as Blueberry Cookies Auto. This plant is a potent hybrid created by crossing a Girl Scout Cookies Auto and Blueberry Auto. The result is a powerful combination of some of the best available strains.

This marijuana strain, predominately Indica, has been honored with many prizes, and as a result, it has achieved celebrity status. The Blueberry Cookies Auto plant has a distinctive appearance, as it possesses a startling amount of green coloration combined with stunningly brilliant blue undertones.

Growing Blueberry Cookies Auto Seeds

This Indica plant like to grow horizontally, which results in it being wider as it matures; thus, it needs a substantial amount of room to flourish. Because it requires a living environment that is highly tuned, Blueberry Cookies Auto is not the strain that is the easiest to cultivate.

If you move this strain outside and give it a healthy dose of the best organic fertilizers, you’ll be able to watch it transform into a robust, flourishing plant that’s very tall. This sweet-smelling infant takes about the average time to cultivate indoors, with a flowering period typically lasting for nine weeks. At the time of harvest, Blueberry Cookies Auto bushes can produce a potential average yield of approximately 18 oz per square meter.

The Blueberry Cookies Auto plant does exceptionally well when it is allowed to mature in the open air. This breed thrives in the warm, sunny climate of the Mediterranean and the richest soil possible. During harvest, a Blueberry Cookies Auto plant should produce, on average, 25 ounces of fruit per plant. This is a reasonably generous yield. By October, one can anticipate that this plant will be ready to be picked and harvested.

Blueberry Cookies Auto Weed Taste & Smell

This bud has a sticky texture, a strong aroma, and a flavor evocative of a harvest basket filled with freshly picked sweet berries. The presence of blueberries, with their earthy, pine aroma, makes everything smell incredibly appetizingly like blueberries and accessible for their scent to linger in the air.

The flavor of Blueberry Cookies Auto is similar to how it smells. Because of the strain’s unique aroma, most people who use cannabis for recreational purposes wouldn’t have trouble identifying it just by sensing it. The sticky blooms of Blueberry Cookies Auto ensure an explosion of tastes that will cling to your tongue and impart a flavor profile similar to that of sweet berries and vanilla to everything that comes after.

Blueberry Cookies Auto Marijuana Effects 

This is a tried-and-true method for relieving tension. Because Blueberry Cookies Auto is a potent relaxant, it is frequently used by those who have just returned from a tiring and hectic day at work and are looking to kick back, smoke some weed, and unwind.

It gives you a lasting high that is immediately uplifting, arousing all of the joyful feelings that are already present in you, and leaving you either giggling uncontrollably or giggling to the point that you can’t stop smiling.

This strain is highly stimulating & mood-altering in the most positive way that is humanly imaginable, and it produces an actual state of euphoria in the user. Because of the strong Indica effects of this strain and its potent sedative properties, it is recommended to be consumed toward the end of your day. This is because it may cause you to feel a little sleepy.

THC Levels

Very High THC (25-35%)


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Flowering Time


30-35 %



Yield indoor

450-550 g/m²

Yield outdoor

500-800 g/m²

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