GDP Auto X Gumberry Auto

GDP Auto X Gumberry Auto

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A very new potent indica dominant Auto strain, delivering dense rock-hard buds on the famous deep purple colour throughout the entire plant which make GDP so irresistible to lovers of these beautiful purple strains. Resin production is extremely high with shiny sticky globs of lilac pinkish trichomes, largely due to Gumberry’s Auto influence, with its candy sweet sticky tasting buds and an up cerebral euphoric high adding even more fruit juice to an already exotic tropical rich berry flavours.

21% THC have been reported by devoted fans of this super-fast Auto with uniform flowering finishing time of 50/55 days.

Super strong heavy hitting indica, hits the body like an orgasm, initially very relaxing, but then the high gives way to a desire for excitement fun and entertainment with lots of energy to burn in your quest for yoga sport or whichever form of exercise you prepare and enjoy.

Additional Information


Height: 90/120cm.

Linage: GDP Auto X Gumberry Auto

Flowering time: 7/8 weeks indoors

Outdoor: Greenhouse all year round.

THC: 19% – CBD 1%.

Yield: indoors 550 g

Yield: outdoors 700 g

Pack size

1, 3, 5, 10, 15

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