Oil Black Leaf’ ‘Extrator’ Extractor Size S

Oil Black Leaf’ ‘Extrator’ Extractor Size S

The ‘Oil Black Leaf’ ‘Extrator’ Extractor Size S is suitable for ca. 6g of herbs of your choice which should be extremely dry. Before filling the ‘Extrator’, a trimmed coffee filter is inserted before the 5 holes in the base. The glass top with rubber seal closes the extractor which is held vertically with the holes 5cm above a heat-resistant and non-stick coating collecting tray. A butane gas bottle is attached to the hole in the top and pressed until the bottle is empty. The extracted liquid exits the holes and is collected in the tray. The gas evaporates more quickly when the tray is placed in a warm water bath. The coffee filter is not included in the delivery.

Items needed: 1 or more can of natural butane (lighter gas), safety goggles gloves, a bowl made of heat-proof borosilicate (Pyrex) glass, dried leaves and off-cuts. The herbs are placed in the ‘Extrator’ and this is included with the cover down into the bowl. The butane will be filled on the other side in the ‘Extrator’ until it is completely empty. After 24h Butane Honey-Oil is finished!
NOTE: Wait 30 sec. after the gas canister sounds empty – so as to the fully transfer the butane gas into the ‘Extrator’ before pulling out! Always make sure that the room is well ventilated and there is no open flame within 45 meters!

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