Waxy! PTFE Sheet

Waxy! PTFE Sheet

‘Waxy!’ PTFE Sheet is practical als work mat for all activities with sticky, waxy products. Due to the 100 percent solvent restistance and temperature resistance from -150° C (-238° F) to +260° C (+500° F), working with wax and extracting oil is much easier. Simply lay a piece of ‘Waxy!’ PTFE Sheet into a heat-resistant tray and extract oil, e.g. with a ‘Waxy! Tube’ Extractor of your choice. After the oil has cooled down, take out the PTFE Sheet and lay it on a flat surface. Now you can take off the material very easily, residue-free!

PTFE is a short term for polytetrafluoroethylene. Colloquially, this plastic is also known as teflon sheet. Further trade names are Dyneon PTFE and Gore-Tex for PTFE membranes.

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