Blackberry Pie

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Blackberry Pie Strain Overview

Blackberry Pie is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel, two strains with different but complementary indica and sativa effects. Named for its sweet berry scent and diesel undertones, this strain is suitable for both recreational and therapeutic use. Why don’t we examine this strain, which is like a tasty treat, more closely?

Blackberry Pie Aroma and Taste

The purple buds of this strain are accented with bright orange hairs, making for a striking visual. There’s a fruity scent, like berries, but there are also diesel undertones that make it stand out. Flavors of sweet berries and diesel fuel combine harmoniously in this strain, whether it’s smoked or vaped.

Blackberry Pie Genetics and Effects

Blackberry Pie has energizing and sedative effects, making it a popular strain. It induces euphoria in its consumers, which has been shown to significantly lower their stress levels. And because of its potent Indica genetics, it’s useful for treating things like chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and a lack of appetite, too. Blackberry Pie is so named because of the strain’s sweet berry flavor.

Growing Blackberry Pie Seeds

There is no need to worry about whether you’ll be growing Blackberry Pie cannabis indoors or outdoors, as this strain is equally at home in either setting. To get the most out of your indoor grow, hydroponics is the way to go. Outside, plants need consistent sunlight and watering to thrive. This strain flowers in 9-10 weeks and can produce a yield of up to 500g/m2 with proper care.


Overall, the Blackberry Pie cannabis strain provides growers with a low-maintenance plant that matures in just 9-10 weeks and produces premium buds. Users report intense feelings of euphoria and significant stress reduction from its use, making it a good choice for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Also, it has a fantastic flavor, reminding smokers of sweet blackberries while also leaving a diesel fuel aftertaste. Blackberry Pie is a strain of marijuana that produces a tasty smoke or vapor that many people enjoy.

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Урожайность в помещении

450-550 г/м²

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900-1200 г/м²


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