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Graines de biscuits scouts

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High THC 25-29% 
50% Indica hybrid
High yielding & easy to grow
Cerebral & thought-provoking

Graines de biscuits scouts

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Éleveur - Garden of Green

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain

The term “Girl Scout Cookies” is a sarcastic joke, yet these cookies are significantly more potent than their name would lead one to believe. The GSC strain, a hybrid with a slightly indica-dominant genetic profile, is famous for its potency and flavor. It is well-known in the community for its strength and pure high, despite producing a low yield compared to other strains. However, the strain’s exceptional potency ensures it is well worth the wait.

Girl Scout Cookies is essentially a Durban Poison x South Florida OG Kush cross, even though there is a lot of hysteria around the strain’s history and where it came from.  The GSC is a one-of-a-kind mixture that more than lives up to the hype generated by its appearance in several rap songs.

Growing Girl Scout Cookies Seeds

Plants of short to medium height, with sturdy branches & vivid green leaves, are required to produce Girl Scout Cookies. It produces a purple blossom that is dense, densely packed with trichomes, and slightly crystalline when it is grown in cold environments. Growing GSC, an all-around resistant strain to fungus and pests, is more about providing it with an environment in which it may flourish without experiencing any stress and with enough room to branch out.

Flowering time for Girl Scout Cookies plants ranges from nine to ten weeks, depending on whether they are grown in soil or hydroponics. It brings in a total of roughly 10 ounces per square meter, depending on the conditions in which it is grown, making it a low yielder compared to other strains.

When cultivated outside, Girl Scout Cookies require a great deal of heat and sunshine to succeed. This indicates that it should be stored in an environment with a Mediterranean climate and a warmer atmosphere. It is reasonable to anticipate a harvest of approximately 10 ounces per plant from GSC somewhere around the middle of October.

Girl Scout Cookies Weed Taste & Smell

Girl Scout Cookies have a tantalizing fragrance, which is likely due to the sweet and earthy perfume they exude. Its presence has an earthiness, which is broken up by undertones of chocolate & mint, along with a healthy helping of spiciness. As you tear up this beautiful bloom, you will notice that its scent is intensified even further.

It has been asserted that the smoke produced by Girl Scout Cookies accurately captures the flavor of the original OG, which is described as having undertones of candy and mint. Others adore it because of its recognizable taste of brown sugar, complemented by a trace of spices like pepper and nutmeg. Sometimes it has a citrusy undertone, but it always manages to keep its earthy quality.

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Effects 

GSC is a notoriously powerful strain, despite having a name that may lead one to believe otherwise. Those looking for a high that is predominately cheerful and euphoric should look no further; they have met their match. It calms the mind and body without making either feel weighed down. It has been praised for delivering an energizing surge of imagination and sociability, which is a high that is most appreciated when experienced in the presence of others.

A feeling of self-assurance and relaxation, as well as giddiness, and a desire to joke and fool around, are some of the additional effects. It is stated that the high begins in the head and then spreads throughout the body, causing the temples to become stimulated. While the mind experiences feelings of euphoria, the body gradually enters a state of deep relaxation after the head has already done so.


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Taux de THC

Très forte teneur en THC (25-35%)


Graines d'experts


Période de floraison


30-35 %



Rendement à l'intérieur

450-550 g/m²

Rendement extérieur

500-800 g/m²

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  1. Ratanon
    11 septembre 2022
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    Timothy C.
    12 juillet 2022
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    14 mai 2022
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    Robert Hagadorn
    14 décembre 2021
    mon problème a été résolu
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    27 septembre 2021
    Service rapide, produit de haute qualité, honnêtement je ne peux pas penser à une seule chose qui est en faute. 5 étoiles d'or !
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    12 septembre 2021
    Toujours des graines de bonne qualité et ravis de la réduction en ligne et des graines gratuites aussi, merci les amis.
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    7 juin 2021
    Transaction très efficace. Livraison exceptionnellement rapide.
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    26 avril 2021
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    Kevin Conlon
    13 avril 2021
    J'ai toujours eu des relations amicales et efficaces avec Irishseedbank. Je les recommande vivement aux autres jardiniers guérilleros.
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    9 avril 2021
    livraison rapide, bonne germination
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    27 février 2021
    La vraie affaire ! J'ai aussi reçu des graines supplémentaires. Grande variété à cultiver
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    Kevin Conlon
    2 juillet 2020
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    Paddy jr Cahill
    22 juin 2020
    Grande qualité
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    11 juin 2020
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