Dinafem Seeds

Authentic cannabis seeds!

When it comes to foundational cannabis breeders — only a handful of brands come to mind. One of the most influential and prolific cannabis breeders is none other than Dinafem Seeds.

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About Dinafem Seeds

Initially started in Spain in 2005, the Dinafem Seedbank has blazed a path of exciting genetics for generations of cannabis growers and breeders.You’ve likely heard of Dinafem’s most popular strains, such as Moby Dick, Big Kush, Blue Widow, Cheese, Critical +, Shark Attack, and Purple Afghan Kush. Furthermore, Dinafem offers incredibly therapeutic strains, such as Remo Chemo and Amnesia CBD.

For example, terp-lovers can’t get enough Cheese and its sky-high yield of 550-grams per meter squared. Are you looking for jaw-dropping THC or CBD? Take a look at Gorilla at 20% THC and Moby Dick’s 15% CBD.From bone-crushing sedation to sky-high euphoria, Dinafem Seeds are filled with memorable effects that you’ll enjoy time and time again.

Ultimately, every single strain from Dinafem is worth owning and experiencing. From recreational bliss to medicinal quality — you’ll find nothing but happiness in a pack of Dinafem seeds!